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Sonic Youth - Dirty


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The eighth studio album from Sonic Youth, Dirty was originally released in 1992 and recorded with producer Butch Vig and engineer Andy Wallace. This was the same team that had worked on Nirvana's Nevermind. What they produced turned out to be one of Sonic Youth's best albums. 
easily ranking with Daydream Nation and Sister among the band’s most unified and unforgettable recorded works. The aural “dirt” is one element that pulls the album together. Another is the thematic move away from the cyberpunk allegory of previous records and squarely into a confrontation with life in America during a particularly scary election year. Sentiments along the lines of “I believe Anita Hill/The judge’ll rot in hell” and “Yeah, the president sucks,” from the coruscating 'Youth Against Fascism,' dovetail with the sexual-harassment issue addressed in the skronking head-clanger 'Swimsuit Issue' and with the melodically haunting, ideologically devastating 'Chapel Hill,' a sharp retort to the geriatric politics of Jesse Helms and his ilk. 


"The aura of insurgency provides a charged context for the album’s more personal songs, upping the intensity and the emotional stakes and fusing a collection of diverse tracks into a scorched and scorching whole. Dirty is a burner" - Rolling Stone 



  1. 100% 
  2. Swimsuit Issue 
  3. Theresa's Sound-World 
  4. Drunken Butterfly 
  5. Shoot 
  6. Wish Fulfillment 
  7. Sugar Kane 
  8. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit 
  9. Youth Against Fascism 
  10. Nic Fit 
  11. On The Strip 
  12. Chapel Hill 
  13. Stalker 
  14. JC 
  15. Purr 
  16. Creme Brulee 


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