Songs: Ohia - Songs: Ohia


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The 1997 debut self-titled studio album from Songs: Ohia, is a beautifully spare acoustic album of tender melancholic americana that paved the way for a string of dark, brilliant and heartfelt releases by the prolific Jason Molina (under the moniker Songs: Ohia, his own name, and as Magnolia Electric Co.) before his tragically early death in 2013.


  1. Cabwaylingo
  2. Crab Orchard
  3. Cauley Bridge
  4. Blue Jay
  5. Tenskwatawa
  6. White Sulfur
  7. Our Republic
  8. Big Sewell MT
  9. Cotton Hill
  10. Dogwood Gap
  11. Little Beaver
  12. Blue Stone
  13. U.M.W. Pension


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