Songs: Ohia - Hecla & Griper: 15th Anniversary Edition


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Made available for the first time on vinyl, with additional bonus material, in 2013 shortly after Jason Molina's untimely passing, this special reissue is one of several projects Secretly Canadian were working on with Molina at the time.

After spending the summer of 1997 on the road, Jason Molina and Co. headed into Bloomington, Ind. studio The Grotto with producer Dan Burton and layed down these eight songs. Odes to love of loss and reggae friends. If you have ever found the other pillow empty in the morning, this is what you need to dry your tears. It also features a Conway Twitty cover.

This vinyl reissue contains two previously unreleased Songs: Ohia tracks and alternative versions of two songs that would later appear on Songs: Ohia’s Impala.


  1. Pass
  2. All Pass
  3. Defenders
  4. Declarer
  5. Easts Last Heart
  6. Reply & Claim
  7. Advice To Aces
  8. Darling...
  9. Debts (Bonus Track)
  10. Pilot & Friend (Bonus Track)
  11. Hearts Newly Arrived (Hecla Session)
  12. One Of Those Uncertain Heads (Hecla Session) 


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