Sneaks - Happy Birthday


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Sneaks, the solo moniker of Washington, DC's Eva Moolchan, returns with fourth album Happy Birthday.

With astrological assertions alongside poetry filtered through a riot grrl spirit and set to thumping bass lines and infectious beats, Moolchan asks all of the questions but invites the listener to divine their own answers.

Continuing the collaborative relationships from last year's Highway Hypnosis with mixing engineer Carlos Hernandez and producer Jacknife Lee, Moolchan felt free to turn up the energy and explore more elaborate melodies than ever before. 


  1. Do You Want to Go Out Tonight
  2. Faith
  3. Mars in Virgo
  4. Sanity
  5. Scorpio On Your Side
  6. Slightly Sophisticated
  7. This World
  8. Winter Weather
  9. You’ve Got a Lot of Issues


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