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Snails - Hard-wired


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Snails return in exuberant form on their second album, Hard-wired - over ten songs that unfold with an origami-like precision and attention to detail.  The Bristol six-piece, championed by The Pastels (among others), and consisting of Dan Weltman (Nine Tree Stumblers), Anna Kissell, Holly McIntosh (Mouse Deer), Robin Williams, Matthew Chaney (Arctic Circle), Steve Dixon and Francesca Simmons, expand their lush, outsider-pop template into new sonic and emotional territory, alchemising existential doubt into condensed elegies of subtle beauty.

From opener 'It Doesn't Have To Be True', Hard-wired envelops the listener in a comforting intimacy of sound and vocal harmony, overflowing with a subtlety of lyricism and generosity of spirit that led Pete Paphides to praise their debut Safe in Silence as "simply the most effortlessly charming set of songs I've heard in a long time."

But for each rousing melody or affirming chorus on the new record, an emotional flipside is clearly evident in its lyrical themes. Hard-wired is a bittersweet and often troubled meditation on love, intimacy and the limits of human connection. For the band's songwriter Dan Weltman, this grew out of a challenging period of personal doubt, as well as the difficulties of an ongoing long-distance relationship. Writing turned out to be a powerful way to dissect and begin to disentangle these complex emotional knots. 

Recording sessions for the LP were spread across three different Bristol studios. With basic tracking completed, further elements were added in Dan Weltman's bedroom studio, including vintage synths, drum machines, strings, Mellotron and percussion. Arrangements and song structure in some cases went through several iterations until they rang true.


  1. .It Doesn’t Have To Be True
  2. Amy
  3. A Mystery To Me
  4. My Eyes Are Open
  5. Hot Day
  6. Hard-Wired
  7. We’ll Get There
  8. Run Out Of Woo
  9. I’m Not Too Sorry
  10. Mad About You

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