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Slum of Legs are a six-piece queer feminist noise-pop DIY band. They write songs about ghosts, architecture, gender, loneliness and hair envy. You can dance to all of them. They describe themselves as sounding like "The Shaggs, Slant 6 and La Dusseldorf playing at an impromptu party in space."

The songs are melodic and dissonant, anthemic and experimental, and their self-titled debut album is a manifesto for compassion and defiance in a confusing, un-restful world.

With an interested in modernist architecture, art & literature, they use collage and cut-up in their artwork which reflects the fractured nature of the songs, and how the each member brings completely different influences to the band, and adds them to the unique make-up of the band.

"A kind of fiendish exploratory outsider pop music that recognises no limitations….weird, dissonant, home made, different from anything you'd make" - Stereo Sanctity

"An enticing bunch, fusing influences ranging from riot grrl, classical and krautrock" - Drowned in Sound

"A six-headed eruption of disillusionment and reality checking…. ready to take on everyone and anyone" - Collapse Board

"The post everything band you didn't even know you'd been waiting to hear" - Impose Magazine


  1. Benetint & Malevolence
  2. Slum Of Legs
  3. I Dream Of Valves Exploding
  4. RUTHE14ME
  5. In Yr Face
  6. Love's Not Enough
  7. The Baader-Meinhof Always Look So Good In Photos
  8. White Leather
  9. Sasha Fierce
  10. The Last Time


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