Tweez by Slint on Touch And Go Records

Slint - Tweez


  • £16.99

Slint's debut album, originally released in 1989 on Touch And Go Records. 

"Slint created something new when they released Tweez and you can't really put it under any genre of music. It blends together punk, indie, math-rock, and even some minor post-rock elements make their way into the music. Slint basically combine scratchy guitars, thumping bass lines, and hard hitting drums. The instruments all sound like they didn't cost much, about one hundred dollars in total. Tweez is an extremely raw and gritty album, the noisy, snake like guitar riffs dominate most of the sound while the drumming sounds like it is coming from an old 20 year old drum kit. Like I said before, Slint created something new but I can exact point out what it is. The music is harsh and rough, sometimes the scratchy recording will send chills down your spine. Whatever it is Tweez is a creepy, gloomy, and strange album" - SputnikMusic



  1. Ron 
  2. Nan Ding 
  3. Carol 
  4. Kent 
  5. Charlotte 
  6. Darlene 
  7. Warren 
  8. Pat 
  9. Rhoda 


  • US import 




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