Spiderland by Slint on Touch And Go Records

Slint - Spiderland


  • £17.99

Slint's second and final album, originally released in 1991.

"Although it sold fewer than 5,000 copies at the time, Spiderland did become a landmark, one that invented an entire genre – post-rock. Generations have grown up in awe of its shifting landscapes, sinister narratives and intangible, dark power, and Slint have become modern rock's Velvet Underground: a band who created a ripple that kept spreading, influencing bands from Mogwai to Sigur Rós" - Dave Simpson, The Guardian


  1. Breadcrumb Trail
  2. Nosferatu Man
  3. Don, Aman
  4. Washer
  5. For Dinner...
  6. Good Morning, Captain



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