Skullcrusher - Skullcrusher


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On her debut EP, Helen Ballentine offers an airy, delicate and unflinchingly open collection of songs written about - and from - one of life’s in-between grey areas: a stretch of uncertainty and unemployment, and the subsequent search for identity when seemingly mundane moments hold so much greater importance ("I've been searching for an hour in my closet,/ trying to figure out what to wear/ for a day I'll spend alone in my room..." goes the impassioned chorus to 'Day of Show").

Skullcrusher is, by all accounts, an exploration of the ways you become yourself when you aren’t looking - and how that feels once you start paying attention. The four dark, dreamy indie-pop songs on her debut EP were influenced by Los Angeles-based Ballentine’s love of fantasy and surrealism, and the juxtaposition of beauty and violence. These songs are sweet... and they aren't...


  1. Places/Plans
  2. Trace
  3. Two Weeks in December
  4. Day Of Show


12" EP available on transparent cloudy-clear vinyl or picture disc; both formats includes download coupon


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