If You Must Dance 7" by Sinosa on Happy Robots

Sinosa - If U Must Dance / The State


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This is the first solo release from the singer and co-writer of celebrated experimental electronic pop band Fol Chen. Sinosa's warped, layered vocals and playfully dystopian lyrics received critical acclaim on Fol Chen’s most recent album, The False Alarms
'If U Must Dance' is conceptual techno, an homage and a wink at avant-garde in the mainstream; a dance track whose authoritarian voice would rather you not, teasing beats without settling into their grooves.The track opens with a nod to Laurie Anderson’s 'O Superman' whose unlikely success brought the art world to pop music charts. Sinosa’s lyrics and deadpan delivery evoke Krautrock stoicism, and the track’s layers of short, rhythmic vocals recall Steve Reich’s minimalism, Tibetan chant, and early-1990s new age music.The song also features a vocal hocketing effect she came to love while oboist and student of contemporary music at California Institute of the Arts. 
These short, percussive micro-melodies give grounding against a frenetic composite of sampled beats, at times with no other pitched instruments. 
Sinosa works from her home in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her studio is in essence a microphone, a sampler, and a midi controller. She has no soundproofing and frequently must pause recording for helicopters, sirens, and wild parrots. 


  1. If You Must Dance 
  2. The State 


  • Pressed on clear vinyl 



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