Silver Jews - Early Times

Silver Jews - Early Times


  • £19.99

This vinyl compilation contains remastered versions of all songs from Silver Jews' Dime Map Of The Reef EP (1992) and The Arizona Record EP (1993). Includes reprints of original releases' inserts, a promotional poster for "The Arizona Record" and a hi-gloss printed inner sleeve.


 Dime Map Of The Reef

  1. Canada
  2. The Walnut Falcon
  3. September 1999
  4. Svm F.T. Troops
  5. The Unchained Melody

The Arizona Record

  1. Secret Knowledge Of Back Roads
  2. I Love The Rights
  3. Jackson Nightz
  4. The War In Apartment 1812
  5. West S
  6. You Can't Trust It To Remain
  7. The Wild Palms
  8. Welcome To The House Of The Bats
  9. Bar Scene From Star Wars



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