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The Shangri-Las - Myrmidons Of Melodrama


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Myrmidons Of Melodrama is a compilation containing ten of the Shangri-Las' incredible hits remastered in stereo, plus the cream of their B-sides and album tracks. However, what marks this collection out as a must-have is the inclusion of their rare debut single ('Simon Says' b/w 'Simon Speaks'), the alternate take of 'Give Him A Great Big Kiss' and four original radio spots. 

The Shangri-Las were formed in high-school by two sets of sisters, Mary and Betty Weiss and identical twins Margie and Mary Ann Ganser. Having grown up in a rough neighbourhood of Queens, they were less demure than other girl-groups of the time, developing a "tough girl" image that, along with their pop-perfection and their ability to switch from nonchalance to impassioned performance, was an often overlooked influence on many punk and new wave bands (The Ramones, Blondie, The B-52's, The Go-Go's, New York Dolls to name a few) a decade later. 

"The rudest girls I ever met, absolutely disgusting" - Evie Sands 

"They were tough girls. They really, really were" - Ellie Greenwich 

"Sweet, innocent and scared stiff, not like their image at all" - Cousin Brucie 

"Depraved - Bad Taste - Sick!" - The British Music press 1965 


  1. Remember (Walking In The Sand) [stereo] 
  2. Its Easier To Cry 
  3. Leader Of The Pack [stereo] 
  4. What Is Love ? 
  5. Give Him A Great Big Kiss [stereo]
  6. Out In The Streets 
  7. The Boy 
  8. Give Us Your Blessings 
  9. Heaven Only Knows [stereo]
  10. Right Now And Not Later 
  11. Train From Kansas City [stereo]
  12. Never Again 
  13. I'm Blue 
  14. Whats A Girl Supposed To Do 
  15. The Dum Dum Ditty 
  16. You Cheated, You Lied 
  17. I Can Never Go Home Anymore [stereo]
  18. Bull Dog 
  19. Long Live Our Love 
  20. Sophisticated Boom Boom 
  21. He Cried 
  22. Dressed In Black 
  23. Past Present And Future 
  24. Paradise 
  25. Love You More Than Yesterday 
  26. Simon Says 
  27. Simon Speaks 
  28. Give Him A Great Big Kiss [alternative take] 
  29. Radio Spot #1: Revlon 
  30. Radio Spot #2: Revlon 
  31. Radio Spot #3: Good Taste Tip 
  32. Radio Spot #4: Good Taste Tip 


  • Housed in deluxe digipack case 
  • Includes extensive liner notes by Mick Patrick 




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