Seablite - Grass Stains And Novocaine


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Debut album from acclaimed Bay Area noise-pop-niks Seablite, inwhich they spread their infectious pop-chops over 11 surefire winners, with a confident mix of shimmering and weightless vocal melodies and blissed out guitar shimmers, providing a mix of UK ‘80’s DIY-indiepop coupled with an updated take on many of the greats of the shoegaze era, such as Lush, Pale Saints, and My Bloody Valentine.

“…Ushering in that special blend of bouncing pop music that can only make your day 100 times better. It opens with these sharp little guitar stabs, then a punctuated drum beat and we’re off to super rad fun times. The vocals are really soft and dreamy, helping spin the listener about in their bedroom. It’s Tuesday, and this is my absolutely favorite track of the week” - Austin Town Hall

“Extremely catchy pop music from San Francisco’s Sea Blite who have a sound that transcends through the decades. I can hear 1960’s girl bands alongside 1980’s indiepop, 1960’s garage and music from the 1990’s such as Tiger Trap, The Softies and All Girl Summer Fun Band to name but a few” - Records I Like, Blogspot


  1. Won't You
  2. Pillbox
  3. Lollipop Crush
  4. Time Is Weird
  5. Heart Mountain
  6. (He's A) Vacuum Chamber
  7. There Were Only Shadows
  8. Haggard
  9. House of Papercuts
  10. Polygraph
  11. I Talk To Frogs 


1st pressing on coke bottle clear vinyl


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