All My Circles Run by Sarah Davachi on Late Music (the album cover is a black and white photograph of Sarah Davachi by Alex Waber; Davachi's blurred hand obscures most of her face; the photograph is bordered on the top and bottom by solid black margins; there is no text on the image)

Sarah Davachi - All My Circles Run


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Montreal-based electroacoustic composer Sarah Davachi's acclaimed forth album, 2017's All My Circles Run, was originally released in a small run on the Cincinnati-based Students Of Decay label. This is the first in a series of official reissues of Davachi's work on Late Music, which will include out-of-print albums and compilation of previously unreleased material, live recordings, and long-lost back catalogue cassette releases. 

Recorded at Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s analogue recording studio in Montreal, Hotel2Tango, and featuring a suite of extended pieces for strings, voice, organ and piano, the album sees Davachi joined by Camille Hesketh’s soprano vocals, Jessica Holmes on cello and Jessica Mosson on violin. 

“The concept behind All My Circles Run came together in my head very quickly sometime in early 2015 - I’d been working with synthesizers a lot up until that point and often pairing them with mutual acoustic instruments like organ, flute, and strings, but I had been wanting to focus on the acoustic side of things and enter new territory, like writing choral music. So, I thought, why not just create individual pieces with those textures, like a series of longer studies, and see where that goes” - Sarah Davachi 

"Somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, barely there and indisputably present" - Pitchfork 


  1. For Strings 
  2. For Voice 
  3. Chanter 
  4. For Organ 
  5. For Piano 


  • Limited edition LP pressed on gold vinyl 
  • Contains download coupon 



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