Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco by Sam Dunscombe on Black Truffle Records (the album cover features a colour photograph of a desertscape with a cloudy sky and a basic wooden structure in the foreground).

Sam Dunscombe - Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco


  • £25.99

Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco is the mesmerising debut solo release from Australian performer-composer Sam Dunscombe, based on fragments of audio tape found in the Mojave desert. 

"Joe and I were camping near a row of ghost towns on old route 66 - Ludlow, Siberia, Klondike, Bagdad... While we were walking outside Ludlow I found a big mess of 1/4" tape that had been blowing around freely and become tangled in a cactus. It was in rough shape. After digitising, I realised it was from the 70's so must have been kicking around for 40+ years... These recordings use field recordings from the same location, analogue & digital sythesis, plus chunks of that dirty old tape" - Sam Dunscombe

Now based in Berlin after residing for the past decade in San Diego and Tokyo, Sam Dunscombe is virtuoso clarinettist who has performed in composed and improvised settings with artists such as Klaus Lang and Taku Sugimoto. Their practice also embraces computer music, lo-fi electronics and field recordings, in addition to their long-term commitment to archiving, studying and performing the work of Romanian spectralist composer Horatiu Radulescu. 


  1. Outside Ludlow [16:20] 
  2. Desert Disco [15:12] 



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