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Salvia Palth - Melanchole


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Melanchole is a collection of ambitious lo-fi bedroom-pop songs recorded by Daniel Johann in the winter of 2012. These are songs that deal with the awkwardness of growing up, the pains of being apart, and the anxieties of being alive and real. The album has become a slow-burning cult classic of dream-pop since it's original cassette release in 2013 on New Zealand's Ozona Records. Reminiscent of Microphones/Mount Eerie, Johann brings a fragile beauty to the surface of a sea of lo-fi noise and sadness, and makes it shine.

This was the one recording released under the deliberately irksome Salvia Palth name, and Johann has recently been making electronica-pop as Adore, 1996.


  1. I Don't Know Anyone, I Am
  2. Stones Pull Out Heart
  3. I Dont Want To Ask Your Father Or Anything
  4. Melanchole, Diary Pt. 1
  5. I Was All Over Her
  6. Like You Know I Get Old
  7. Post-Traumatic All-Night-Long
  8. Voice Vi
  9. Reprise
  10. ( Dream )
  11. Needs No Progress, I Will Lie
  12. Girl
  13. Te Aroha

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