Neither Here Nor There by Russell Potter on Tomkins Square (the album cover features a black abstract illustration resembling a sun rising on a peach background)

Russell Potter - Neither Here Nor There


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Russell Potter's second, and final, album, originally self-released in 1981, features the solo guitar compositions of Russell Potter, recorded in the last waning days of the initial American Primitive explosion. 

Following an independent study with a Goddard College ethnomusicologist, Potter’s compositions and performance only deepened compared to his debut, 1979's A Stone's Throw. And while the recording quality steps up a little, it loses none of the immediacy; the playing gets more exuberantly virtuosic - but then more reflective too, particularly on the tunes that are influenced by the gorgeous traditional Irish slow airs. He’s still tipping his hat to Fahey occasionally as well, this time with an audacious electric guitar setting of the classic 'Dance of the Inhabitant of the Palace of King Philip XIV of Spain.' 

Though his albums were made at a time when American Primitive guitar music’s 1960's & 1970's heyday was in the rear view mirror, they absolutely look ahead to the genre’s eventual 21st Century resurrection, anticipating both in form & content many of the same concerns you find in the great contemporary work of the last two decades by Jack Rose, Glenn Jones, Daniel Bachman, et al., and as such provide about as fine a stepping stone between these two eras as you’re likely to find. 


  1. The Voyage of the Nautilus 
  2. The Half-moon Window 
  3. The Dance Of The Inhabitants Of The Palace Of King Phllip XIV Of Spain 
  4. Planxty Irwin 
  5. Dirge and Celebration in C Minor 
  6. The Road to Lisdoonvarne / O'Keefe's Slide 
  7. Tabhair Dom Do Lamh 
  8. Morgan Magan 
  9. The Flowers of Edinburgh 
  10. Go Where I Send Thee 
  11. The Return to Fingal / The Black Battle 
  12. Eirigh Suas A Stoirin 
  13. Studie Number Three  


  • US import 
  • Limited pressing of 500 copies 
  • Part of Tompkins Square's series of private press reissues 



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