Runt - Positions Of Power


  • £15.99

Based between London and Sheffield, and with a lineage as incestuous as the UK scene (including members of Efialtis, Frau, No and more), Runt bring us a monumental follow up to their cassette tape from last year.

Runt are total aggro primitive punk built on furious spit and stomp, snarling electric agitation and primal clattering. Each track is short, angry and on the edge of falling apart at any moment. Yet it never does. Ash's vocals are totally confrontational and in your face while the (a)rhythmic section of Jyoti and Ralph pulverise anything in their way, laying the path for Alex’s guitar to slowly build up the sound of city-living anxiety.

It has an obvious nod to early Crass Records releases but mixes it with something more modern and definitely more nihilistic. A confrontational, forward-thinking underground sound escaping the tick-inside-the-box current state of punk.


  1. Positions of Power
  2. Mazes
  3. Cain
  4. Parasite
  5. Identity
  6. DWP
  7. I See You
  8. Officer
  9. No Future
  10. Positions of Power


LP comes housed in a heavy weight reverse board sleeve designed by bassist Jyoti Wariyar, with matching lyric insert.

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