Tender Epoch by Rudy De Anda on Karma Chief Records

Rudy De Anda - Tender Epoch


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Born in California to Mexican immigrant parents, Rudy de Anda's debut solo record is a love letter to the long historical lineage of rock 'n roll music as interpreted through his multicultural lens. A timeless-sounding sunshine pop record that flicks kisses to classic rock radio and coastal highway road trips.


  1. The Mirror
  2. Los Canarios
  3. Me Revulco En Tus Arenas
  4. Tender Epoch
  5. Espume
  6. Cariño
  7. It Didn’t Have To Happen
  8. Helado
  9. Tres Boletos
  10. No Me Cruces
  11. Cavallet Del Mar
  12. I’m Still At The Bar
  13. Abrasive




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