Rodan - Rusty

Rodan - Rusty


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Debut album by Rodan, an American post-hardcore/math rock band from Louisville, Kentucky, active 1992–95. The band's main lineup included Jeff Mueller (June of 44) and Jason B. Noble (Rachel's, Shipping News) on guitar and vocals, Tara Jane O'Neil on bass/vocals, and Kevin Coultas on drums. 

"It all lives and breaths a particular geography, and even a distinct melancholy. Take the shift from the somber space of 'Bible Silver Corner' to the tensed-up howl of 'Shiner.' They seem to have little to do with each other, the former an instrumental built on swirling, slow, clean guitar, the latter a slashing fit of noise. What they do is set up the dynamics of the record, a record that is constantly shifting and rarely fading from one element to the next. Songs don’t echo each other so much as they stand parallel to one another. This oppositional construction takes its most daring form in the album’s longest song, 'The Everyday World of Bodies.' 


"It’s an album that shifts brilliantly between these two poles, between spacious meditations and teeth-gritting fury. The song recounts an intimate but troubling exchange between two people about to have sex, one seemingly coercing the other. The language used though, in particular the line “the rain has a sound,” says quite a bit about the music itself. The song feels like the kind of late-summer storm you’re likely to encounter in humid climates (read: Southern states), the squalls hit quick and leave fast. They don’t fade so much as they just end. The guitars cut with hard downstrokes here, but then they slide, with O’Neil’s bass shadowing them, and the effect is damp, erosive. “Everything changes,” or so the song says often (in a scream) and it feels like both frustration and relief" - Prefixmag 


  1. Bible Silver Corner 
  2. Shiner 
  3. The Everyday World Of Bodies 
  4. Jungle Jim 
  5. Gauge 
  6. Tooth-Fairy Retribution Manifesto 


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