Ribbon Stage - My Favorite Shrine EP


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Ribbon Stage are a trio from New York City with no small amount of love for the noise pop days of Dolly Mixture and the Shop Assistants. The group does perfectly what only punks playing pop music can do - create chaotic noise in tandem with the sweetest hooks and most sophisticated nihilism (think Tiger Trap, Frumpies, Beat Happening, Bratmobile etc). Ribbon Stage makes noise-pop so catchy you swear you've heard before then never get it out of your head. 
The best love songs aren't really about a romance, mixing candied pleasure, fuzzed pressure and a little pain jump on the bed car ride to the beach cry in the driveway til it falls like ribbons all around, enshrined in place. 
Featuring Dave Sweetie (Ratas del Vaticano, Tercer Mundo, Exotica, and Pobreza Mental) as well as scene stalwart Jolie M-A (Juicy II, Boys Online) and newcomer Anni Hilator. Recorded by Sweetie on a cassette 4 track in Brooklyn NY and mixed by Capt. Tripps Ballsington in Olympia WA. This release continues the rich tradition of DIY bands crafting instant pop hits entirely on their own terms, which has long been the hallmark of the International Pop Underground series. 


  1. Favorite Girl 
  2. Rid Myself 
  3. Cry in the Driveway 
  4. Personal Hell 
  5. Reasons Why 


  • US import 
  • K Records International Pop Underground series of 45rpm 7"s 
  • 500 copies pressed 




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