Wound Response by Rhodri Davies on Amgen / Confront Recordings (the album artwork is a white line illustration by Jean-Luc Guionnet of an abstract shape on a brown-grey background)

Rhodri Davies - Wound Response


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Wound Response, originally released as a limited edition LP in 2012, is a solo album from experimental improvisation-virtuoso Rhodri Davies using a cheap lap harp played though two amplifiers via contact microphone, transducer, and overdrive pedal. The result is an unnervingly soothing and beautifully hypnotic cacophony of ringing distortion and plucked strings. 
Recorded in December 2011 at Morden Tower in Newcastle, the album takes it song titles from the works of Thomas Bernhard, Jorge Luis Borges, Heather Fuller, Elizabeth Price, J H Prynne, Sarah Riggs, Alain Robbe-Grillet and Leslie Scalapino. 



  1. everything at each moment 
  2. questions of_____middle distance 
  3. the concentric blaze 
  4. a parallel or mirroring space 
  5. here the sun does not enter 
  6. ‘pivotal’ object 
  7. only compromises were arrived at in the end 
  8. closed horizontal illumined 
  9. the convergence of how we got there 
  10. fulfilment of the event 


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  • Features artwork by Jean-Luc Guionnet 




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