Rat Columns - Pacific Kiss


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Pacific Kiss is the fourth album from Australian musician David West’s underground pop band, Rat Columns, and them plunging headfirst into an azure sea of indie-pop. The tones are bright and optimistic, though fans of confusion and gloom will still find solace in the album’s darker moments, of which there are a few. 

Rat Columns emerged from San Francisco via Perth, Western Australia in the late 2000’s with the mope ’n’ jangle of their first self-titled cassette release, from which several tracks were drawn for their first vinyl release, a four-song 7” on the San Francisco based indie label, Smartguy Records. From that moment, West and a constantly evolving troupe of friends and co-conspirators have forged a persistent trail of albums and EP’s on a number of interesting small labels such as RIP Society, Upset The Rhythm, Blackest Ever Black, Syncro-System, Adagio 830 and now the London-based Tough Love Records, who have also released many of David’s eponymous pop records. 

Pacific Kiss was primarily recorded in a dingy but comfortable practice space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, but is a record for those astral voyages into the spheres conducted from bedrooms, kitchens, grassy fields and open car windows. 


  1. Hey! I Wanna Give You The World 
  2. It’s Your Time (to Suffer) 
  3. I Can’t Live on Love 
  4. No Stranger to Life 
  5. Candlelight 
  6. She’s Coming Home 
  7. Feeding the Fire 
  8. Soul Kiss I 
  9. Athens 
  10. Soul Kiss II 


  • Pastel-green vinyl LP limited to 300 copies 
  • Available exclusively from indie stores 




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