The Raincoats - Looking In The Shadows


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Unavailable for twenty years, 400 copies of the original CDs of Looking in the Shadows, The Raincoats fourth album, are being made available again through the band's own label, We ThRee.

Originally released in 1996 on Rough Trade/DGC, Looking in the Shadows, was the result of a renewed period of creativity for the band following the interest shown in them by a new generation of punks, notably riot grrrl bands Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and Sleater-Kinney, and famously Kurt Cobain, who had invited them to tour with Nirvana on their planned UK dates in 1994 (shows that would sadly never happen).

The Raincoats self-titled debut album, released in 1979, is recognised as one of the greatest albums of 70's punk, and continues to inspire countless DIY bands today. The band released two more albums, 1981's Odyshape, and 1984's Moving, before effectively disbanding to work on other projects.

The renewed interest, and re-release of The Raincoats in 1994, led to a handful of live appearances and a Peel session, where founder members Ana Da Silva and Gina Birch were joined by Anne Wood on violin (who remains in the band to this day) and Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley on drums (the Peel session was released Shelley's Smell's Like Records as Extended Play).

Joined on the album by Tiger Trap's Heather Dunn on drums, Looking in the Shadows was recorded by Ed Buller, who had just recorded breakthrough albums by Suede and Pulp. Including backing vocals by Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley ('Love A Loser'), the record emphasises the band's genius for writing incredibly fun pop songs and imbuing them with the off-kilter - and often discordant - inventiveness that has kept fans coming back for more for decades.


  1. Only Tonight
  2. Don’t Be Mean
  3. Forgotten Words
  4. Pretty
  5. Truth Is Hard
  6. Babydog
  7. You Ask Why
  8. 57 Ways To End It All
  9. So Damn Early
  10. You Kill Me
  11. Love A Loser
  12. Looking In The Shadows





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