Rachel's - Handwriting

Rachel's - Handwriting


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Handwriting is the debut album by Rachel's, originally released in 1995 on Quarterstick Records. 

"For most of us, the term chamber music is a potentially loaded one, conjuring images of upturned noses protruding from formal evening wear and an intimidating and impenetrable catalog of composer, movements, and performers. In 1995, a brave band of souls gathered together under the moniker of Rachel's to tackle the issue of deflating those aforementioned images. Leading the charge was Jason Noble, formerly from the short lived, but influential Louisville based post-rock outfit Rodan along with pianist Rachel Grimes and violist Christian Frederickson. 

Their debut release, Handwriting, sees them achieving their goal; Handwriting is classical music for the rest of us. Taking cues from their post-rock background, the quirky film composers, as well as traditional chamber music instrumentation, Noble and company deliver a beautifully lachrymose soundtrack for a movie never actually produced. "Full On Night" would be the perfect accompaniment to a surreal dream sequence, beginning with jerky Slint-like bursts of jazzy guitar and bass noodling before dissolving into a misty nightmarish tableaux of locomotive sounds and ambient drone" - Tinymixtapes.com 


  1. Southbound to Marion 
  2. M. Daguerre 
  3. Saccharin 
  4. Frida Kahlo 
  5. Seratonin 
  6. Full on Night 
  7. Handwriting 


  • US import 
  • LP housed in custom-printed wraparound sleeve and includes download coupon 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 6mm spine 





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