Rachel Langlais - Dothe


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Rachel Langlais is a musician, a multi-instrumentalist (see Borja Flames, Vagina Town, Boy and the Echo Choir, etc.) and a composer. Whether playing live or recording, she freely explores various aesthetics, ranging from the innovating pop music of Pyjamarama to the “ZADist” Rn’B of Infinite Summer and the quadraphonic oddity named La Colonie de Vacances

Composed, played, recorded and mixed by Rachel Langlais, Dothe is an album that was built around two upright pianos, which she de-tuned and prepared by inserting various materials (paper, metal objects, pieces of wood, adhesive tape, plastic, etc.) onto the strings, modifying the very nature of the sounds a piano makes. She then uses diverse recording and digital processing techniques (cut, slowdown) to create these very experiments in contemporary composition. 


  1. De Belles Jours 
  2. Dothe 
  3. Thangen 
  4. Jogging À Courre 
  5. Comme Le Canard 
  6. En Brasier 
  7. Balfol 
  8. Penché Perché 
  9. Grand Droit 


  • Features artwork by Damien Tran 




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