Songs For Kids by Rabbit Island on Bedroom Sucks Records (the album cover  is a black and white  photobooth photograph of Amber Fresh looking off-camera to her left; the photograph fills the entire cover; there is no other text or design on the cover)

Rabbit Island - Songs For Kids


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One of our favourite records of 2018 was the subdued slow masterpiece of Rabbit Island's Deep In The Big; 2020 will see Amber Fresh (aka Rabbit Island) finally re-master and reissue one of her earliest recordings, ​Songs for Kids.

The album is made up of fifteen tracks, recorded to tape by songwriter Amber in a kitchen in Melbourne. The selections range from new takes on traditional lullabies, to incredibly powerful and simple ruminations on our world and the social systems we have built.

The result is a startling record, so clearly and simply presented, and made all the more elegant thanks to the steady stream of tape hiss, and the sound of nylon strings buzzing against stone walls.

As the title suggests, these are songs for kids; they are beautiful, fun, unaffected, and impulsive, yet harbour the same deep wonder and melancholy present in later recordings, and are full of enough wisdom to satisfy and soothe listeners of all ages (for example, "some days you'll have to eat cupcakes to feel good/ but that's alright, alright, ok/ not every day can be the best day/ feeling sad is fine sometimes" from Some Days are Harder Days).


  1. When the River Did Flood
  2. If You Want a Way to Have a Nice Day
  3. Once There was a Giant
  4. In the Forest, Far Away
  5. What Noise Does a Camera Make?
  6. Plants Need Water
  7. Egypt, Sphinx
  8. All the Colours are Good Colours
  9. Little Chicken on Rollerskates
  10. There Was a Kid on a BMX
  11. Inswywinsy
  12. Twinkle Twinkle
  13. Three Blind Mice
  14. Some Days are Harder Days
  15. It’s Time

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