Purple Mountains - All My Happiness Is Gone


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David Berman, best known for his work founding and fronting the Silver Jews, returned to music in early 2019 after a ten year absence, under the name Purple Mountains, made with US indie-folk band Woods. This 12"single was Purple Mountains' debut release ahead of their self titled album. Sadly Berman died shortly after the album's release.

"The initial distribution was defiantly old school—a 12" vinyl single sold exclusively at indie record shops—and the song itself sounds proudly unfazed by any changes that may have occurred in the past decade. Backed by a humming mellotron and a hazy two-chord acoustic guitar progression, Berman reintroduces himself with a genuine bummer of a verse about the difficulties of maintaining adult friendships. “Lately I’ve been making strangers wherever I go,” he confesses in his queasy, drunken rumble. But then he always came across like someone we hadn’t heard from in years: someone who knows we’re hanging on his every word and still would rather be anywhere else (even if it’s just at the back of the bar, where no one can bother him)." Pitchfork


  1. All My Happiness Is Gone
  2. All My Happiness Is Wrong
  3. All My Happiness Is Long


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