Positive X Infinity compilation album on Emotional Response Records

Various - Positive Times Infinity: An Emotional Response Compilation


  • $25.00

Since 2013, Emotional Response has been happily releasing some of the best independent records of the current age, working wit bands from both sides of the Atlantic. This compilation album features two exclusive tracks each, from seven acts currently associated with the label. 
Features exclusive material from Mick Trouble, The Ocean Party, Unhappy Fly (featuring members of Public Image Ltd and The Homosexuals etc), Boyracer, Seablite, Neutrals, and Even As We Speak



  1. Mick Trouble - Getting Even Without Feathers 
  2. The Ocean Party - No Worries 
  3. Unhappy Fly - Cenozoic 
  4. Boyracer - Laissez Faire 
  5. Seablite - Cerulean 
  6. Neutrals - Angst Reflex 
  7. Even As We Speak - Same Again (Live 1988) 
  8. Mick Trouble - Not ‘Alf Bad (Acoustic Version) 
  9. The Ocean Party - How’s It Looking 
  10. Unhappy Fly - Scurry 
  11. Boyracer - Thinning 
  12. Seablite - Wooly Sweater 
  13. Neutrals - Young Creative 
  14. Even As We Speak - Single To Central (Live 1992) 


  • LP pressed on clear-with-pink-splatter vinyl 
  • Limited to 500 copes 






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