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The Pioneers - Greetings From The Pioneers: Expanded Edition


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Although the Sydney Crooks-led Pioneers were already veterans of Jamaican music scene when, in 1967, they came to join the small roster of the then rookie producer Joe Gibbs, the vocal trio had as yet failed to achieve any significant success. Within a year, however, they were regulars in the national charts, with significant hits including ‘Long Shot’, ‘Jackpot’, ‘Catch The Beat’ and ‘No Dope Me Pony.’ 

In recognition of their popularity both at home and in the UK, London-based Trojan Records released an entire collection showcasing the best of their work to date: Greetings From The Pioneers. Issued on the Amalgamated subsidiary label that had been created as a vehicle for Gibbs’s works, the set became an essential purchase for many both in the UK’s growing Afro-Caribbean community and among a rapidly expanding young, white working class fanbase. 

Now, over half a century since its historic release, this landmark rocksteady collection finally sees a release on CD, with its original twelve tracks augmented by an astounding forty-eight Joe Gibbs-produced recordings from the period, including numerous major Jamaican chart hits and equally obscure recordings from the archives. 


  1. The Pioneers - Me Naw Go A Believe 
  2. The Pioneers - You'll Never Get Away 
  3. The Righteous Flames - Baby Don't Be Late 
  4. The Pioneers - Shake It Up 
  5. The Pioneers - No Dope Me Pony 
  6. The Pioneers - Whip Them 
  7. The Righteous Flames - Gimme Gimme Girl 
  8. The Pioneers - Things Just Got To Change 
  9. The Pioneers - Sweet Dreams 
  10. The Pioneers - Tickle Me For Days 
  11. The Pioneers - Jackpot 
  12. The Pioneers - Give Me A Little Loving 

  13. The Pioneers - Long Shot 
  14. The Pioneers - Give It To Me 
  15. The Pioneers - Goodies Are The Greatest 
  16. The Pioneers - Dip And Fall Back 
  17. The Pioneers - Having A Ball 
  18. The Pioneers - Pan Ya Machete 
  19. The Pioneers - Miss Eva 
  20. The Pioneers - (Run Come) Walla Walla 
  21. The Pioneers - Reggae Beat 
  22. The Pioneers - Alli Button 
  23. The Pioneers - Who The Cap Fits 
  24. The Pioneers - Don't You Know 
  25. The Pioneers - Catch The Beat 
  26. Ansell Collins - Secret Weapon 
  1. Errol Dunkley - Letter To Mummy And Daddy 
  2. Lyn Taitt & The Jets - El Casino Royale 
  3. The Mellotones - Feel Good 
  4. Jackie Robinson - Over And Over 
  5. Neville Hinds - Soul Glide 
  6. The Spanishites - Woman Of Samaria 
  7. Errol Dunkley - Feel Good 
  8. Jackie Robinson - Let The Little Girl Dance 
  9. Lyn Taitt & The Jets - This Is Soul 
  10. Hugh Malcolm - Good Times Rock 
  11. The Creations - Get On Up 
  12. The Blenders - Decimal Currency 
  13. The Versatiles - Please Mr Gateman 
  14. Jackie Robinson - Holding Out 
  15. Carl Bryan - Jumping Jack 
  16. The Royals - Never See Come See 
  17. The Invaders - Hurry Come Up 
  18. Drumbago & The Blenders - The Game Song 
  19. Errol Dunkley - Once More 
  20. Dennis Walks - Belly Lick 
  21. Tyrone Taylor - Delilah 
  22. The Cannonball Trio - Off Track 
  23. Sir Gibbs - People Grudgeful 
  24. The Immortals - Janan 
  25. Drumbago & The Blenders - Reggae Jeggae 
  26. The Conquerors - Jumpy Jumpy Girl 
  27. Hugh Malcolm - Mortgage (Your Land) 
  28. The Cannonball Trio - Man About Town 


  • Double-album housed in jewel case with clear tray 
  • Includes booklet with liner notes 
  • Features the original artwork 
  • Includes 48 bonus tracks 





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