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Philip Frobos - Vague Enough To Satisfy


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Vague Enough to Satisfy is the debut solo album by Atlanta, GA post-punk trio Omni's Philip Frobos. It is also the original soundtrack to his debut novel of the same title (published by Seattle's Hex Enducation Books on the day the album's release). This lounge-inspired punk album acts as the musical bedrock for the story of a young man who revels in the day to day details (both romantic and mundane) of his experiences in Leipzig and Atlanta. The tone of the record reflects the tides of the protagonist’s confidence and self-doubt throughout the novel. 

Vague Enough to Satisfy rushes straight to the point with it's bossa nova beat and seductive lo-fi musings. ‘Vague Theme’ opens the album with a skronk-pop groove reminiscent of Whammy-era B-52s while the vocals tell the story of a young romantic confused of his place within a relationship and the city around him. 

The instrumental tracks help to prolong an uneasy feeling of ambiguity too, with compositions like ‘Pool Disturbance’ and ‘Inflatable Flamingo’ taking their musical cue from Henry Mancini. Curious flourishes, a metronomic headiness and shuddering xylophones bring to life the intensely vivid imagery and cynical humour that suffuse the novel. Vague Enough to Satisfy is a trip, plunging you into a curious world populated by the unexpected. 


  1. Vague Theme 
  2. Vacant Street 
  3. Pool Disturbance 
  4. No Packages Today 
  5. Through With Buzz 
  6. Never Noticed 
  7. Winter Olympics 
  8. Saturn Return 
  9. Pathetic 
  10. Singer Not The Song 
  11. Vague End Credits 


  • Limited to 500 copies worldwide 
  • Pressed on 180g vinyl 
  • Contains download coupon 




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