Pere Ubu - The Modern Dance


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The Modern Dance was the first album from Pere Ubu, originally released in 1978 following their self-released first singles on Hearpen Records.

Formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975, Pere Ubu have had a huge influence on the artier and experimental edges of punk for decades, and today their uncompromising an complex debut is still as direct and powerful as it was when first heard.

“It's a devastating debut... this album has struck me with a vengeance. Because it delivers such a powerful, complex and open-ended punch, it's almost impossible at such an early stage to explain why or how in full detail” – Melody Maker

“I would be willing to sit down and argue that modern-day rock ‘n’ roll reached its peak in 1978 with Pere Ubu’s The Modern Dance and has declined ever since" – Rolling Stone

“Peru Ubu’s full length debut fancies itself a fusion of musique concrete and The Stooges. Shrill and ugly it crystallises their original version of industrial rock” – Uncut 


  1. Non-alignment Pact
  2. Modern Dance
  3. Laughing
  4. Street Waves
  5. Chinese Radiation
  6. Life Stinks
  7. Real World
  8. Over My Head
  9. Sentimental Journey
  10. Humor Me


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