Peel Dream Magazine - Up And Up


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Founded by New York City-based musician Joe Stevens in 2017, Peel Dream Magazine released their debut album, Modern Meta Physic, on the much loved and venerable American independent label Slumberland Records the following year.

Driven by a DIY aesthetic and initially very much a ‘home recording project’, their debut recalled the likes of Yo La Tengo and Unrest and harkened back to the early 1990s, when The Velvet Underground resurged as an inspiration to a new set of bands wielding synthesizers and off-set guitars.

While channelling some of the droney, kraut-y repetitiveness of their debut album, the tracks however hide less behind a hazy veneer possessing a hitherto to unheard sense of immediacy which draw easy comparison with the likes of Stereolab or Broadcast.


  1. Up And Up
  2. Stare Into The Void
  3. Disassociation Effect
  4. Novelty
  5. A Qua Being


Limited edition single-sided orange vinyl



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