Modern Meta Physic by Peel Dream Magazine on Slumberland Records

Peel Dream Magazine - Modern Meta Physic


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Modern Meta Physic is the debut album of Peel Dream Magazine, the nom de plume of New York City-based musician Joe Stevens. Stevens, a talented multi-instrumentalist, wrote, played, recorded, and mixed the album in his apartment in Brooklyn.

Exhausted by what he thinks of as the manipulative aspects of contemporary pop music, Stevens harkens back to the early 1990s, when The Velvet Underground resurged as an inspiration to a new set of bands wielding synthesizers, off-set guitars, and a political bent. The Peel Dream experience is defined by a gentle, fuzzy psychedelia, largely indebted to London's onetime “Scene that Celebrates Itself." It’s a hypnotic bit of mod-ish lo-fi pop, recalling the best of early Stereolab, Lilys, and other shaggy haired kids with vintage fuzz pedals, slim trousers, and good record collections. Stevens conjures a distinctly 90s vision of the 60s. Not the actual 60s, mind you, but perhaps a 60s daydreamed about from the creature comforts of a suburban living room.

  1. Qi Velocity
  2. Shenendoah
  3. Art Today
  4. Wood Paneling
  5. Anorak
  6. Living Room
  7. Levitating Between 2 Chords
  8. Deetjen's
  9. Fires
  10. Due To Advances In Modern Tourism
  11. Interiors
  12. Upper Body Calaesthetics
  13. Don't Pick Up Slackers


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