Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted

Pavement - Slanted And Enchanted


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Originally released in 1992 and now reissued on vinyl, Pavement's debut studio album, Slanted And Enchanted, sits at number 5 in Pitchfork's top 100 albums of the 1990s.

"Slanted and Enchanted is a consistently lovely, fresh-sounding record. In many ways its sonic roughness has preserved it from time: production values are never going to date on a record that had no production values in the first place, and the layers of discordant sound serve give it a certain mystique, with every snatch of melody and earworm chorus remaining delightfully unexpected. Rarely has such winsome music been forged from such rough materials." BBC Music

  1. summer babe (winter version)
  2. trigger cut / wounded kite at :17
  3. no life singed her
  4. in the mouth a desert
  5. conduit for sale!
  6. zurich is stained
  7. chesley's little wrists
  8. loretta's scars
  9. here
  10. two states
  11. perfume-v
  12. fame throwa
  13. jackals, false grails: the lonesome era
  14. our singer

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