Papercuts - Past Life Regression


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Jason Quever has been releasing timeless guitar-based dream-pop as Papercuts since 2004. Past Life Regression is his 2022 album, and it's a journey into the dreamier reaches of psychedelic folk-pop. 
Crafted shortly after Jason's relocation back to the San Francisco Bay Area after several years in LA, Past Life Regressions revels in the tensions between the pleasures of homecoming and the collective miseries of the pandemic and current political upheavals. The return home and the enforced isolation of lockdown lend the album a mood of contemplation and immersion in memory. The results are beguiling, from the lush sunshine pop harmonies of 'I Want My Jacket Back' to the trippy farfisa-driven space-pop of 'Lodger' to the gorgeous, Bunnymen-tinged 'Palm Sunday.' 
As always, Jason's songcraft, arranging and production are immaculate, (Quever has been recently recorded dream pop luminaries Dean Wareham and Beach House) as evidenced by the elegant chamber-pop of 'My Sympathies.' The mood of longing and recollection is a perfect match for the album's dreamy textures and for the unusual times we're living through. It's a true testament to the resilience of the Papercuts project that after several acclaimed albums, Jason still has much that's new to say, and is continually finding new ways to say it. 



  1. Lodger 
  2. Sinister Smile 
  3. Fade Out 
  4. I Want My Jacket Back 
  5. My Sympathies 
  6. The Strange Boys 
  7. Palm Sunday 
  8. Hypnotist 
  9. Remarry 
  10. Comb in Your Hair 


  • LP pressed on 180g vinyl 
  • Grey with blue-splatter vinyl limited to 300 copies 
  • CD housed in digipack case 
  • Mastered by Heba Kadry 
  • Features sleeve art by David Enos 




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