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Paper Birch is a collaborative experimental lo-fi noise rock duo formed by Fergus Lawrie (Urusei Yatsura) and Dee Sada (NEUMESAn Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump) in May 2020. United by mutual feelings of despair, fragility and hope, they passed ideas and sounds between London and Glasgow whilst the UK was in lockdown. The result is morninghairwater, their nine-track debut LP. 
A melting pot of genres, morninghairwater twists and turns through moments of 60’s inspired indie-pop, fuzzed out angular shoegaze and glitchy electronic soundscapes with astonishing ease. This album draws not only on the influence of both Lawrie and Sada’s individual back catalogues, but at times echoes with everything from Heavenly to Joy Division, and is a product of the universally challenging time in which it was recorded. 


“An intoxicating squall of noise pop” - God Is In The  TV 

“Sada’s signature softly cooed atmospheric translucent vocals prove a congruous fit with Lawrie’s  deeper, more grunge-y despondency; sounding at times like Psycho Candy-era Jesus And Mary Chain in harmonious matrimony with Mazzy Star, or, the Pop Group hooks up with MBV” - Monolith Cocktail 

“Mixing in disparate elements from classic 60s pop to glitchy electronica to transportative effect” - Joyzine 

“With a strong baseline and a sea of roaring guitar, a bit like The Pastels vs My Bloody Valentine (nothing wrong with that!)” - Is This Music 

“The texture is suggestive, the atmosphere hypnotic and the climate oppressive” - Sun Burns Out 

“A true jewel of modern and underground psychedelic pop” - Acute Pop 



  1. Summer Daze 
  2. Love For The Things Yr Not 
  3. Elegy (As We Mourn) 
  4. I Don't Know You 
  5. Hide 
  6. Cemetery Moon 
  7. Blue Heartbreak 
  8. Curse Us 
  9. Fallen 




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