Palace Songs - Hope

Palace Songs - Hope


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Originally released in 1994, this mini-album saw Will Oldham in even more introspective, sedate form. It includes a scintillating cover of Leonard Cohen's "Winter Lady". Reissued on vinyl by Domino in 2012.

"This is some mysteriously warm sound they got goin' on here. I feel like I'm sitting across the hall from where the recording is happening - eavesdropping on the proceedings. It always seemed to me like a single performance captured. Something about the vibe brings to mind Fred Neil's Sessions to me. In reality, I guess that wasn't really the case since the liner notes say it was recorded both in Chicago and London. But somehow it's seamless. Some alchemy at work there. And Oldham's vocals on this recording: soft, head-voice, back of the throat, like the tone of someone that's been crying." Pat Gubler, 2011


  1. Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow
  2. Untitled
  3. Winter Lady
  4. Christmastime in the Mountains
  5. All Gone, All Gone
  6. Werner's Last Blues to Blokbuster


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