Palace Music - Lost Blues & Other Songs


  • £19.99

As is often the case with Will Oldham's work, 1997's Lost Blues And Other Songs flits between the absurd, jovial and pensive in just a couple of notes. This is an essential compilation for any collection, including non-album singles, outtakes, and even a live song. 


  1. Ohio River Boat Song 
  2. Riding 
  3. Valentine's Day 
  4. Trudy Dies 
  5. Come In 
  6. Little Blue Eyes 
  7. Horses 
  8. Stable Will 
  9. Untitled 
  10. O How I Enjoy The Light 
  11. Marriage 
  12. West Palm Beach 
  13. Gulf Shores 
  14. (End Of) Travelling 
  15. Lost Blues 

  • Double album housed in gatefold sleeve and includes lyric insert and poster 






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