Palace Music - Lost Blues & Other Songs


  • £19.99


Imagine a fan. Among the collected are the band's best loved sides, as well as most of the original singles, some outtakes and demos, even a live song. Don't lose those blues!

As is often the case with Will Oldham's work, 1997's Lost Blues And Other Songs flits between the absurd, jovial and pensive in just a couple of notes. This is an essential compilation for any collection.

This 2012 vinyl reissue from Domino comes in a gatefold sleeve with a lyric insert and poster.


  1. Ohio River Boat Song
  2. Riding
  3. Valentine's Day
  4. Trudy Dies
  5. Come In
  6. Little Blue Eyes
  7. Horses
  8. Stable Will
  9. Untitled
  10. O How I Enjoy The Light
  11. Marriage
  12. West Palm Beach
  13. Gulf Shores
  14. (End Of) Travelling
  15. Lost Blues



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