Palace Brothers - Days In The Wake

Palace Brothers - Days In The Wake


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Days In The Wake, originally released in 1994, is Will Oldham's second release under the Palace name. 

"The stark simplicity and audio vérité ambience of Days in the Wake builds on the already dramatic emotional power of There Is No-One What Will Take Care of You, and if Will Oldham's obsession with sin and retribution is less forcefully stated in these songs, that's not to say it isn't clearly present on most of these songs, especially the cautionary tale "You Will Miss Me When I Burn," the mournful but fiercely proud "No More Workhorse Blues," and "Pushkin," which begins with the declaration "God is the answer/God lies within," without making it sound like a concept in which Oldham can take much comfort. Oldham's lyrics would become increasingly cryptic from this point on, but while the literal meaning of songs like "Wither Thou Goest" and "I Am a Cinematographer" is elusive, the emotional power of these performances is as eloquent as anyone could hope for. Days in the Wake is the simplest work in the Palace canon, and among the very best" - Mark Deming, AllMusic 


  1. You Will Miss Me When I Burn 
  2. Pushkin 
  3. Come a Little Dog 
  4. I Send My Love to You 
  5. Meaulnes 
  6. No More Workhorse Blues 
  7. All Is Grace 
  8. Whither Thou Goest 
  9. (Thou Without) Partner 
  10. I Am a Cinematographer 




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