PACKS - Take The Cake


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Take The Cake is the 2021 debut album from Toronto’s PACKS and is full of  wry self-reflection and subtly-barbed observational beauty, all wrapped up in a timeless lo-fi down-pop guitar jangle-fuzz. 

Initially a solo songwriting project of Madeline Link’s that she pursued between gigs as a set dresser for commercials, the band blossomed into a four piece, composed of Shane Hooper (drums), Noah O’Neil (bass), and Dexter Nash (lead guitar). “The album is a meeting of old and new,” says Link. “Old songs from a year ago where I'm having really horrifyingly awful days at work, getting doored while biking in Toronto and flying into the middle of the street, or going on dates with guys who I'm either instantly in love with, or who end up creeping me out a bit. Those songs are more packed with that feeling of hurtling-through-time-and-space-at-breakneck-speed, manic energy. The newer songs are infused with a foggier, slower-paced disillusionment, and deal with the strangeness of a reality morphing before my eyes every day. I still try to be optimistic obviously, but these songs are really glorified coping mechanisms.” 

PACKS’ songs have a way of creeping up on you, and revealing a new depth with each listen. Be it a subtle harmony, a zig-zagging melodic turn, or Link’s lyrics, which wring a commandeering poetry out of every-day building-blocks as she navigates the growing pains that linger beyond adolescence - finding your bearings after a breakup, feeling directionless, processing loss - each razor-sharp nugget of wry wisdom depicting its own scene of sonic touchstones. 


  1. Divine Giggling 
  2. Clingfilm 
  3. Two Hands 
  4. New TV 
  5. Hangman 
  6. My Dream 
  7. Hold My Hand 
  8. Holy Water 
  9. Silvertongue 
  10. Blown by the Wind 
  11. U Can Wish All U Want 


  • US import 
  • Limited clear-blue vinyl LP available exclusively from indie stores 
  • LP includes printed inner-sleeve 
  • CD housed in card wallet 





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