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In September 2018, after decades of friendship, three women (all of the bassists/singers from '70s/'80s Swiss post-punk bands) decided to finally combine forces for a show of strength. The equation seems straightforward, yet it's very powerful: Klaudia Schifferle (Kleenex/LiLiPUT) + Madlaina Peer (Noknows) + Sara Schaer (TNT, Souldawn) = ONETWOTHREE. They sport an impressive heritage but they're also creating something that's unique and proudly their own - spooky, danceable, subtle, compelling music for a post- pandemic world. 
ONETWOTHREE's first album doesn't have a name but that's just as it should be for a band that's deceptively simple, mysterious and yet somehow familiar. They dot their insistent, minimal music with drum patters, synths, chants, commands and joyous wordplay with their sometimes cynical, sometimes sensual take on leisure and consumer culture. The group is appropriately DIY, self- contained and self-produced - their debut was written and played almost entirely by themselves. ONETWOTHREE's songs blend into a whole, creating a momentum and their own kinetic, strange reality which fun-house mirrors our own. 



  1. Perfect Illusion 
  2. Give Paw 
  3. Jamais 
  4. Buy Buy 
  5. Oh Boy 
  6. Sudden 
  7. Adventure 
  8. Clouds 
  9. Fake 
  10. Bubble 
  11. Things 


  • US import 
  • LP pressed on white vinyl and available exclusively from independent stores
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 7mm spine  





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