Numbers - Now You Are This


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Building on the expansive pop of the 2005 'We're Animals' album, but taking the sound into a newly pensive wilderness, Numbers 2007 album, 'Now You Are This', is a worry-stained record - all minimal, bluntly entrancing riffs, insistent drumming and tense, reverberant synthesizers.

There isn't an easy comparison for the dire, wounded poise of these songs - a secret pact between beauty and fear? The futuristic propulsion of Kraftwerk filtered through the raw-knuckled roughness of Suicide? Surprisingly, the most disquieting aspect of the songs is their subtle charm - 13 tracks of dazed and charged near-collapse that unexpectedly catch in your mind, echoing their haunted buzz for days and weeks after the record ends. Not since The Silver Apples has a band so successfully wedded a cacophony of electronic keyboards with such a clear-voiced pop sensibility.


  1. New Life
  2. Mind Hole
  3. Kosmos Love
  4. Hey Hey Dream
  5. Fantasy Life
  6. I Ripped My Own Heart Out
  7. Fly On The Window
  8. The Mapping Of E8
  9. Lone Life
  10. Liela Mila
  11. Everything Is Fine
  12. I Want To Believe
  13. What Happened To You


Double gatefold LP, two 45 RPM 12" discs.

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