Pastel Blues by Nina Simone on Philips Records

Nina Simone - Pastel Blues


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Nina Simone recorded seven albums for Philips between 1964 and 1967, including I Put A Spell On You, Let It All Out, and Wild Is The Wind, each produced by Hal Mooney, and considered by many to constitute a period of Nina at her very best, emotionally raw and creatively exciting. Simone defied the pigeon-holes of any comfortable genre, but on these records paid direct tribute to the jazz, blues, R&B, gospel and folk songs that gave her voice such power, and through which her talent was given not only wings, but infinite directions to fly. 

The fact that Philips was a record company based not in the States, but the Netherlands, also meant that Simone was, for the first time, able to directly address on her records the racial inequality in America, and the fight for civil rights that by the mid-1960's had become an increasingly important part of her life and work. 

Pastel Blues, Simone's fourth album for Philips is a roller-coaster of emotions, from the work-song yearning of 'Be My Husband,' the defiant heartbreak of 'End of the Line,' 'Tell Me More and More and Then Some' and 'Ain't No Use,' the upbeat optimism of 'Trouble In Mind' and 'Chilly Winds Don't Blow,' to the harrowing despair of 'Strange Fruit,' and the thrilling climax of 'Sinnerman' - a song which takes up half of the last last side of the record, and dares you to not be rapt in every single moment of it. 

It is the raw power of Nina Simone's voice that is the common thread throughout the album, and which by the end becomes an almost wordless pleading moan that no one has ever come close to matching. 


  1. Be My Husband 
  2. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 
  3. End Of The Line 
  4. Trouble In Mind 
  5. Tell Me More And More And Then Some 
  6. Chilly Winds Don't Blow  
  7. Ain't No Use 
  8. Strange Fruit 
  9. Sinnerman 


  • LP pressed on 180g vinyl, and contains download coupon 
  • Features original sleeve design and liner notes 



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