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Nina Simone - In Concert


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Nina Simone's first album for Phiilips, In Concert, was recorded in live at New York's Carnegie Hall on March 21st 1964, and released later the same year. 

Performing as a jazz quartet with Rudy Stevenson on guitar and flute, Lisle Atkinson on double bass, and Bobby Hamilton on drums, the album was produced by Hal Mooney and showcases the versatility and breadth of Simone's talent as an arranger, performer, communicator, musician and singer. From the heartbreak of 'Plain Gold Ring' and 'Don't Smoke In Bed,' to the playful humour of 'Go Limp,' and the righteous anger of 'Pirate Jenny,' Simone holds her audience rapt from start to finish. 

Active in the Civil Rights movement, and now recording for a label based outside of the United States allowed Simone to more freely express her political voice on record, and on self-penned songs such as 'Old Jim Crow' and 'Mississippi Goddam' she directly and unguardedly addresses the issue of race the States: "All I want is equality for my sister, my brother, my people and me!" 

This edition of In Concert expands the original album's seven songs with a further seven recorded in April 1964, also at Carnegie Hall, and is a powerful document of Nina Simone at her most uncompromising and best. 


  1. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair 
  2. The Other Woman 
  3. Plain Gold Ring 
  4. I Loves You, Porgy 
  5. Old Jim Crow 
  6. Pirate Jenny 
  7. Chilly Winds Don’t Blow 
  8. Wild Is The Wind 
  9. Little Girl Blue 
  10. Don’t Smoke In Bed 
  11. Images 
  12. Go Limp 
  13. Mississippi Goddam 
  14. See Line Woman 


  • Limited edition pressing on 180g vinyl 
  • Features the original European sleeve art 
  • Includes new liner notes by Bernard Lee 



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