The Bible Belt by Nikki Sudden on Troubadour Records (the album cover is a photograph of medium close up of Nikki Sudden with an unkempt hair style, who looks at the camera and offers the viewer a red flower in their right hand)

Nikki Sudden - The Bible Belt


  • £22.99

Second solo album by Nikki Sudden (Swell Maps, Jacobites), originally released in 1983 on Flicknife Records.

This deluxe expanded version of the album also includes previously unreleased demos recorded in May 1982, and is presented for the first time in a full colour sleeve, and contains additional photos and notes from Nikki’s diary about recording the album.


  1. Gold Painted Nails (A few Scarves and a Satin Jacket)
  2. English Girls
  3. Cathy
  4. Chelsea Embankment
  5. Bethlehem Castle (Suicide Scarves)
  6. Sudden
  7. The Road Of Broken Dreams
  8. Six Hip Princes (All Around The World)
  9. Out Of Egypt
  10. The Angels Are Calling
  11. Missionary Boy
  12. The Only Boy In Heaven

Early Demo Session (recorded 19th May 1982):
  1. Six Hip Princes (version II)
  2. Missionary Boy
  3. Cathy
  4. The Angels Are Calling (instrumental)
  5. Bethlehem Castle
  6. Feels So Right (Gold Painted Nails)
  7. Out Of Egypt
  8. Every Girl Cuts Me In Half
  9. Gold Painted Nails (instrumental)
  10. Unknown
  11. The Only Boy In Heaven




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