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The band that became Nightshift formed in 2019 in the ecosystem of Glasgow's current indie scene. The city's fertile & creative group of musicians have been committed to pushing the boundaries of, and blurring the lines between, DIY, punk, experimentalism and indie pop for decades now; a home to bands like Shopping, Vital Idles, Current Affairs, Still House Plants, and Happy Meals as well as forebears like Orange Juice, Teenage Fanclub and Yummy Fur. Nightshift slot right in with all mentioned, with members' other bands including I'm Being GoodSpinning Coin, 2 Ply, and Robert Sotelo

Initially formed by guitarist David Campbell and bassist Andrew Doig as a "No Wave/No New York/early Sonic Youth/This Heat-esque" group, the addition of Eothen Stern (keyboards/vocals) and Chris White (drums) instantaneously transformed their approach (guitarist/vocalist/clarinetist Georgia Harris joined as the band was writing Zöe). The band self-released a full-length tape on CUSP Recordings in early 2020, laying the foundation of their sound; hypnotic, melodic, understated indie post-punk with unexpected pop hooks.

Unlike the band's previous album, the songs on "Zöe" weren't conceived live in the band's practice space, but rather pieced together and recorded remotely during quarantine lockdown, with each member composing or improvising their parts in homes/home studios, layering ideas over loops someone made and passing it on. The isolation actually allowed for an openness and creativity to flow and many of the songs took on radically different forms from when they were originally envisioned. Backing vocals were also contributed by Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Shopping, Scared Paws, etc)The finished album was then mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current).

"Zöe" means "live drive", derived from the word conatus. Bradiotti defines conatus as “an effort or striving, endeavour, impulse, inclination, tendency, undertaking, serving is an innate inclination of a thing to continue to exist and enhance itself.” and Stern views it as "...a kind of feminist re-claiming of communal public, anti-privatisation, looking to strive for social and environmental justice." 

The band acknowledges the whiffs of nostalgia prevalent in Zöe's songs (the title track in particular), and the nature of writing and recording the album is soaked in the self-work, reflection and reevaluations involved not only personally but creatively in each member's lives. Consequently, the album becomes a collection of sketches of hope, growth, awareness of the power of the world and the power of self, kith, kinship, friendship, resistance, and possibility.


  1. Piece Together
  2. Spray Paint The Bridge
  3. Outta Space
  4. Make Kin
  5. Fences
  6. Power Cut
  7. Infinity Winner
  8. Romantic Mud
  9. Zöe
  10. Receipts


  • US import
  • CD comes in gatefold eco-pack card sleeve with 7mm spine
  • LP formats come in reverse-board sleeve and include full-colour insert with lyric sheet
  • Limited edition moss-green LP is exclusive to indie stores
  • Limited edition cassette in purple shell





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