New Age Steppers - Love Forever


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Issued posthumously in 2012, following the untimely passing of Ari Up two years before, Love Forever, like the preceding New Age Steppers album from 1983, Foundation Steppers, it was started in Jamaica by Ari Up and completed in London by Adrian Sherwood

The original Steppers records were heavily influenced by the Jamaican music coming into the UK on import 12”s in the early '80's, and Love Forever updates that approach, with nods to dancehall and bashment. Other tracks such as single ‘My Nerves’ recall Ari Up’s work with The Slits, as well as more modern firebrands such as Atari Teenage Riot and Le Tigre. 

Dub Syndicate provide the backing on the irreverent ‘The Schiesse Song’, there are left turns into electro and harmony-laden fusion-pop, and final track ‘The Death Of The Trees’ is a fitting instrumental elegy by Sherwood to his departed collaborator. 


  1. Conquer 
  2. My Nerves 
  3. Love Me Nights 
  4. The Scheisse Song 
  5. Musical Terrorist 
  6. The Fury Of Ari 
  7. Wounded Animal 
  8. The Worst Of Me 
  9. Revelation 
  10. The Last Times 
  11. Death Of Trees 


  • Available here on vinyl for the very first time 
  • Includes printed inner sleeve featuring new sleeve notes and interviews by Oli Warwick 
  • Contains download coupon 



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