Carnegie Hall 1970 by Neil Young on Reprise Records (the album artwork features a red tinted black and white photograph of Neil Young sat playing guitar on stage, printed on an orange background)

Neil Young - Carnegie Hall 1970


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Neil Young has selected the landmark concert he played at New York’s Carnegie Hall on December 4th, 1970 as the inaugural release for his Official Bootleg series. 

The show rounded off a momentous year for Young who had released the After The Gold Rush record just three months earlier in September, which itself followed on from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's Déjà Vu album in March of the same year. 

This show is a never-before-heard recording with Young playing solo on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica. Young played two solo acoustic shows at Carnegie Hall that week. “Listening to existing bootlegs, it seems that all the bootleggers got the second Carnegie Hall show,” Young writes on the Neil Young Archives. “There was one at 8:00 pm and one at midnight [about 27 hours later]. No one got that first one - the first time I walked onstage at Carnegie Hall, blowing my own 25-year-old mind.” 


  1. Down By The River 
  2. Cinnamon Girl 
  3. I Am A Child 
  4. Expecting To Fly 
  5. The Loner 
  6. Wonderin’ 
  7. Helpless 
  8. Southern Man 
  9. Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing 
  10. Sugar Mountain 
  11. On The Way Home 
  12. Tell Me Why 
  13. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
  14. Old Man 
  15. After The Gold Rush 
  16. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong 
  17. Cowgirl In The Sand 
  18. Don’t Let It Bring You Down 
  19. Birds 
  20. Bad Fog Of Loneliness 
  21. Ohio 
  22. See The Sky About To Rain 
  23. Dance Dance Dance 


  • Double-LP housed in double-scored jacket with 5mm spine 
  • Double-CD housed in double-scored jacket with 5mm spine 



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