Concession Stand Girl by Naomi Alligator (the EP artwork features a pixelated colour photograph of Corrinne James (AKA Naomi Alligator) sat on a lawn in a chearleader skirt and navy-blue sweater holding a banjo alongside a fake alligator head; the EP title is printed in large yellow gothic text in the top-left)

Naomi Alligator - Concession Stand Girl


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“I think my music provides space for me to say the things I can’t always say in real life.” says Virginia-native songwriter and multi-media artist Corrinne James. “That’s what I love about songwriting - There’s room in music for all of the conversations that can’t exist in reality.” 

While studying New Media and Cinematography at the University of Virginia, James created a secret Bandcamp under the alias Naomi Alligator, and began uploading her intimate home recordings online. Inspired by the sparse and confessional qualities of Liz Phair’s early portastudio recordings, James decided to create her own musical journal to share and process personal anecdotes. 

Through her modern folk production and poetic songwriting, James wrestles with guilt, purpose, and jealousy through vivid narratives in the songs that make up her vast self-releases. Concession Stand Girl, released five years since her first upload, is her debut 12" EP for Carpark Records. 

On the title track, James sings the inner monologue of an unappreciated ticket-taker at a high school football game. James plucks a sparkly banjo and sings details of the concession stand girl’s relationship to each of the spectators who must go through her to enter the game. “Although seemingly insignificant, the concession stand girl must interact with each spectator as they enter the football game. Despite being unable to physically see the game, inside of her head she narrates her relationship to the people at the game.” 

The last song written for the EP, 'Anywhere Else' describes the tense emotions that come from comparing yourself to others in the eyes of your partner. “The protagonist is convincing herself, as well as her partner, that she could leave at any moment. She doesn’t want to be taken for granted anymore.” 

'Big Blue World' is a touching closer to the EP, where James sings about finding her way back to the place that feels most like home. James examines the fleeting nature of ambition and asks what really creates the feeling of contentment. Describing the song’s lyrics James says, “You can achieve everything you want, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything compared to just feeling at home and feeling who you are deep down.” 


  1. Concession Stand Girl 
  2. Momma 
  3. Anywhere Else 
  4. Big Blue World 


  • US import 
  • Limited edition pressing on red vinyl 
  • Contains download coupon 




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